Being in 21st century
The first thing we need to confront is how to be an eligible global citizen
Protecting environment and maintaining ability of lifelong learning have never been so significant and urgent like today
We have the opportunity to re-examine ourselves by making progress of education and healthy
eeing the world from new perspective, we can comprehend the importance of respecting life, realize the happiness of sharing
and contributing。
For years
We been traveling around the world
Making acquaintance with governments of different countries,schools in diverse cultures and people with various religions
We seeking unity while retaining uniqueness, combination of Chinese and Western
We truly believe
The highest standard of educational concept, the most healthy natural food and the most advanced medical technology
Meet the same demands of people from different countries despite of differences
Like the seeds
Spraying over the world soil
Time being, seeds begin to burgeon, grow into big trees
Trees becoming forest
We emphasize experience,passion and persistence
We are making unremitting efforts
And unstoppable
Experience the beauty of Finland.
Finland is deep north: vast horizons of forests and lakes with revitalizing crisp air plus cutting-edge urbanity.
It's a natural wonderland within an impressively technological modern nation. 
Finland is a land of a thousand lakes and eternal forests, a land of log cabins and Orthodox churches - a midsummer’s dream in
the extreme north of Europe.It is full of picturesque, natural beauty, unique cultural treasures and historic locations.
A tranquil paradise set in the extreme north.

《Visit Finland》
Australian’s present life is the future of the earth
Its pure soul just like shining gold
The pureness up to the highest degree of human desire

Richard Walsh《Traditional Australian verse》