Our travel plan special for two type of partners
First: Exploring the Beauty of Earth
Second: Discovering the Beauty of Human Kind
They are brave to challenge themselves
They are willing to pursue living a simple and health lifestyle
Today, South and North poles of earth,
those areas are the most and only reserved places on earth
That’s what we call
The Mystery of Earth
We don’t have
enough time and energy
to visit every beautiful scenes around the world
But our Mystery of Earth can fulfill you
  • Walking into purple

    The biggest lavender farm in southern hemi sphere, Tasmania

  • Experiencing life during midnight sun

    Super Food Class

  • Nordic Lights

    Enjoy Nordic Lights, Snow Castle, Sauna, Ice Golf

  • November

    “World Long Live Countries New Zealand”

    The ancient glacier and the black sand beach

  • September

    “Music is one kind of medicine”

    Austria,World-class Music Summer Music Festival


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